This is another excellent book written by the very creative author, Nicholas Sansbury Smith The story picks up 10 years after Hell Divers 1 left off It is a fast paced adrenaline rush The characters are interesting, different and well developed I think all readers of Dystopian Sci Fi will enjoy this story I received an advance review copy from the publisher in return for an honest review.
Absolutely love this series Every book happens in a blink, meaning the read is fast because the story is so compelling Loved seeing the helldivers back in action, especially coming back around to Everheart.
4 StarsReview I received an ecopy of this book via NetGalley This has not influenced my review Much like the first book, this was an intense, gripping post apocalyptic read The world building in this series is incredible and really makes me feel like I m there, especially on the bleak, terrifying surface The characters are all flawed and gruff, but most of them are still likeable and good people The concept of the airship and the hell divers is such a unique one I mean, come on, just look at the kickass suit on the cover In short these books are so well thought out and well written, and there is so much to love about them.
I felt like this book suffered a bit from middle book syndrome though It seemed kind of repetitive the ship w 4.
5 StarsI love a summer sequel getting reacquainted with some old friends, making some new ones and just enjoying the time spent together The familiarity of the sequel is comforting I am already invested in the world, I know the backstory, and I have an idea of where I would like the adventure to go Ghosts fits the summer sequel spot superbly.
In all honesty, I think that Hell Divers 2 had some challenges to overcome You see, I felt like the original was a complete story I didn t think that I needed anything , but curiosity got the best of me and I jumped at the opportunity to read book 2 Well, Sansbury Smith kicked this one off with an unexpected bang and I was on board He created a necessity where there was none.
With X out of the picture, we have a new hero Our little friend Tin from book 1 is all grown up and has enlisted in the family business He is th After the ending for the first book, which nearly killed me, I was clapping my hands in stupid glee when I read the beginning for this second book I got all silly, talking out loud to myself about how good this was going to be.
It s many years later and there s some new divers in town They don t have much of a life expectancy and recruits are always needed When disaster strikes the sister ship and a risky rescue is attempted, no one could have foreseen what was to come The conspiracies that would be revealed The secrets kept And what horrors waited below, on the surface.
Man, I hope they make these books into movies They are freakin fantastic Action explodes off the pages Creepy things scare the crap out of you Suspense has you chewing your fingernails And the character s grab hold of you and won t let go.
Is this book as good as the first one Hell yes And I ve already pre ordered the

Readers of the first Hell Divers novel will feel right at home with Ghosts, Smith s follow up to last year s hit Set ten years after the shocking ending of volume one in this trilogy, the Hell Divers continue to deploy from their airship to explore the poisoned, desolate remains of an uninhabitable Earth This elite squad of future soldiers are constantly searching for parts to keep the Hive afloat and in one piece, a task easier said than done for a centuries old airship that has seen far better days Adding to the importance of each mission is the unstated fact that humanity itself depends on their success Aboard the Hive are four hundred souls, the last of a very nearly extinct human race.
Adding to the stakes in Ghosts are a duplicitous captain seeking to keep secret the truth of what waits below on the devastated planet As certain factions aboard the Hive get c ó Ghosts (Hell Divers, #2) ✓ If you re on blood pressure medication, you might want to swallow that pill just prior to reading HD2 This remarkable series continues to ramp up the suspense Ten years after Xavier X Rodriguez was left behind on earth s horrific surface, the dwindling survivors aboard the airship Hive are running out of time Strong writing and an ingenious plot line meld to create an outstanding work of post apocalyptic fiction Looking forward to HD3 and adventures with the stalwart RodgeMan I was given an ARC in return for an honest review.
is book 3 out yet I FREAKIN NEED IT NOW Awesomeness.
Picking up ten years after the events of the first book, Ghosts continues the frenetic pace set by its predecessormaybe even a tad too frenetic Some breathing room would have been appreciated Still, RC Bray did another great job with the narration in bringing this post apocalyptic story to life The ending left me clamoring for the next book, if for no other reason than to see a certain character meet the ol head on a pike fate I m reeeaaalllly looking forward to that.
Years Ago, Hell Diver Xavier X Rodriguez Fell To Earth Those He Left Behind Went On Without Him Aboard The Airship He Once Called HomeMichael Everheart The Boy Once Known As Tin Has Grown Into A Man And The Commander Of Hell Diver Raptor Team While Michael Dives To Help Keep The Hive In The Air, Captain Leon Jordan Rules With An Iron Fist At The Helm Of The Ship But Unrest Stirs Under His Strict [ read Online Ghosts (Hell Divers, #2) ã world-war-ii PDF ] by Nicholas Sansbury Smith Î Leadership As A Prophecy Of Hope Sweeps The Lower DecksWhen A Mysterious Distress Signal Calls The Hell Divers To The Surface, Michael And His Loyal Team Begin To Uncover Long Buried Truths And The Secrets Captain Jordan Will Do Anything To Keep They Dive So Humanity Survives But Will They Survive The Ultimate Betrayal

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