Batman Last Knight on Earth is a direct continuation of the Snyder Capullo New 52 series since it covers few discoveries made in that series to justify Batman s existence in the apocalyptic future However, Batman is carrying Joker s head with him gave the story Shakespearean sentiment since Joker is something like his Yorick That connection alone would make Last Knight on Earth a nice addition to the Batman mythos, but the story feels rushed I would like that Snyder, who is undoubtedly great writer, took his time to develop it further, something along the lines of Old Man Logan in the Marvel universe However, this is recommended read for Batman lovers, especially if you enjoyed New 52 run.
Wayne Wakes Up In Arkham Asylum Young Sane Andhe Was Never Batman So Begins This Sprawling Tale Of The Dark Knight As He Embarks On A Quest Through A Devastated DC Landscape Featuring A Massive Cast Of Familiar Faces From The DC Universe As He Tries To Piece Together The Mystery Of His Past, He Must Unravel The Cause Of This Terrible Future And Track Down The Unspeakable Force That Destroyed The World As He Knew It ↠´ Batman î Download by Ñ Scott Snyder F Un c mic que cuenta una historia post apocaliptica con mucho potencial pero cuyos temas ya han sido explorados de manera m s amplia en obras como Kingdom Come, Superman Red Son y hasta en obras de los mismos autores como Batman Zero Year y Endgame.
Last Knight on Earth explora la naturaleza humana y la identidad a la vez que cuestiona ligeramente nuestra capacidad para funcionar adecuadamente en una democracia.
Recomendado si eres fan del arte de Capullo pero con la advertencia de que esta historia se siente, a veces, demasiado acelerada al no tomarse el tiempo de desarrollar muchos de los conceptos y versiones de los personajes presentes en esta.
Batman Ö I didn t know what to expect with this It s definitely an Elseworlds type story After each book it seemed to go off the rails in another direction, but in a good way It ended with me even curious what would happen next, so I m likely to continue this.
Just read the first two books and am completely spell bound.
Due to the right amount of pacing and the thrill in story telling both of the books appeared to be short even though they were around 60 pages each supported by great art style and direction and a classic take on Batman and Joker s camaraderie.
Podr n decir que el final es clich y tienen raz n, pero aun as es interesante Explorar todas las posibilidades de Batman una vez que deja atr s su ideal de no matar es una de las mejores ideas que Metal dej y esta historia aprovecha muy bien esa premisa.

5 stars Started off strong, but a bit too convoluted by the end Worth a look.
Like everything else Scott Snyder has written for DC these last couple of years, this was garbage Does he realize that people don t like books that don t make any sense Someone needs to take this guys keys away until he sobers up He is so damn talented and has some of the best ideas in comics but insists on incoherence in the name of pushing boundaries and expanding possibilities I want to know why people are rating this higher than 3 stars This is really better than the average book you ve read I did kind of like the 3rd book If you look past all the nonsense book 3 was kind of enjoyable Anyway, 3 stars.
I really enjoyed the first two books and cannot not wait for book 3 So far DC black label has offered a stylish, sleek and mature look at their comics With just Batman Damned, Curse of white knight and LKOE I have to say Snyder helms over all three Its funny, sad and realtable But most of all quick Scott Snyder can create an entire epic adventure in just 3 issues while still tying into his own universe of Court of Owls and Metal Of course Capullo never disappoints But with the over sized ad free isues by BL it really makes you appreciate the art work for this one Batman who laughs just ended so this will be snyders last Batman run for a while maybe ever and even though its only 3 issues I ll cherish them well and all of his contributions to Batman

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