Intense, gripping, disturbing yet absolutely surprising The Spinner s Tale is one of those books you simply can t put down until you ve devoured it till the last word I ve never been into crime genre but Omar Shahid Hamid s writings changed my perspective I m absolutely in love with his writings, the crisp details of the events, carefully spun tale with intricate inclusions and an ending you would ve never anticipated, this book will surely win you over As a reader, I was naturally expecting a similar writing style and similar details as his debut novel, the Prisoner but once I was done reading I had to admit that the author had taken a total torsion and successfully so.
Highly recommended.
This book will undoubtedly be compared to his previous work, or be expected to be somewhat the same.
The Spinner s Tale is not as fast paced as the author s previous novel, but still as gripping The book is set along two timelines woth frequent flashbacks to provide insight into the protagonist s mind and evolution Owing to flashback mode it has its elements of question marks and disconnect which are somewhat made up for in the last 50 pages of the book Borrowing once again from true political incidents in Pakistan, the story revolves around Sheikh Uzair, a student hailing from a not so affluent background at a prestigious school, befriending a person a polar opposite , all this while crushing on a girl when they all become friends The book is about life after school, when they each lead different lives and the episodes that transpire a hardworki A dark, distressing and ultimately chilling tale of the circumstances that can turn a conventional, modern youth into a dehumanised, brutal terrorist and the hapless fate of those who cross him Mr Hamid s second book is as engrossing as his debut and he makes use of quite a mass of real contemporary happenings though with changes or at least adapted including the hijacking of IC 814, the kidnapping and savage murder of Daniel Pearl, the assassination attempts on President Musharraf and others, in his narrative as well as his over a decade long police experience to give it considerable verisimilitude However, unlike the first, this doesn t end so happily as it did Certainly, not for the squeamish with the graphic violence, and language, which somehow fit in to give it a gritty feel Mr Hamid has a definite touch and I will be eagerly awaiting his next work.
This was not bad at all.
I didn t want to read His The Prisoner as I had a slight information about the incident of Daniel Pearl However I was quickly drawned to this title as it s beautifully designed and named In Ausi Ahmad Uzair Shaikh Sufi author created persona of Ahmad Omar Saeed Sahaikh, Saad Aziz and Abdur Rasheed.
The first was the one just like Ausi shuffled his presence from Balkans to Afghanistan with brief time fighting in Kashmir and in Indian prison First two certainty came from well off background with being educated from prominent and posh institutions of country while third just like Ausi, may be fought and died for a cause which he never believed in.
This book certainly introduced a new perspective of terrorism that it s not completely religious radicalism which changes youth but may be psychological and political horrors of a Disturbing Intense Best part I could not find the feel of his previous book in this one, this one stands out on its own The ending is what shakes you and is as open ended as the situation with terrorism itself read it to open your mind you the world we live in, if nothing else Otherwise just read to enjoy a well crafted thriller

Genre Crime noir Mini Review I laughed, I cried, but most of the time I was horrified Shahid has done it again folks The Spinner s Tale has a dark and gore narrative, which explains that how social circumstances injustice, corruption, nepotism and so on can turn an educated moderate youth into a horrifying and dehumanized psycho terrorist At the same the book also attempts to explore other themes like friendship, religious fanaticism, interfaith grievances and finally, Jihad All in all, Shahid s work proved the fact that, Monsters are not born, they are made Highly recommended to all my fellow Pakistani bookstagrammers and to all those obsessed with terrorism phenomenon.
↠´ The Spinners Tale Æ If it weren t for the ending, I would have given this book a whole 5 stars That s how much I liked it The writing was unbelievably wonderful It had all the elements of crime fiction novel blood, murder, horrific brutal acts of violence, guns all with gory details It was hard to put down and I would have read it in one sitting if it weren t for school A haunting story about how an educated middle class guy is turned into a psychotic religious fanatic who s hell bent on the idea that he needs to kill everyone and how his transformation affects the people around him Inspired by real events and personalities, the book gives great insight into the minds of Islamist jihadis and also the things that go around in third world countries like Pakistan This book shows that in countries like Pakistan, politics is deeply entrenched in the everyday lives of its inhabitants and there s absolutely no escape from it It s there when you re at school college It s there when you re at home It s there when you re out buying something It s always there Countries like Pakistan are rife with it There s simply no escape from it This book also shows that it s not Jewish conspiracies or RAW funded terrorists t Gritty Gripping Horrifying Brutal Diabolically thrilling Omar Shahid Hamid s second novel based again in his original hometown, Karachi is, in comparative term, even better than his debut novel The theme of A Spinner s Tale borrows heavily from events past and from his experiences as a police officer there.
A character driven book, it focuses primarily on its antagonist a cold blooded terror mastermind whose demonic manipulation leads to severe consequences and whose beastly nature is insatiable in its lust for blood With a fast moving plot and honest portrayal of the extremist mindset, it is sure to have a profound psychological impact on its readers.
Ahmed Uzair Sufi Is One Of The Most Feared Men In Pakistan, A Top Jihadi Militant, Who Believes In Nothing Save His Own Limitless Scope For Violence But No One Suspected This Future Back In , When He Was Simple Old Ausi And Leaves School With His Cricket Mad Best Friend Eddy To Start A New Life While Eddy Goes To College In America, Ausi S Life Takes Dangerous And Unexpected [Omar Shahid Hamid] ↠´ The Spinners Tale [fairy-tale-retellings PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Turns The Two Friends Stay In Touch Even As They Pursue Vastly Different Lives, Their Shared Passion For Cricket And Nostalgia For Their School Days Binding Them Together Even As Ausi Treads Down A Darker Path, What Will Happen To Their Friendship Omar Shahid Hamid, Bestselling Author Of The Prisoner, Takes Us On Another Thrilling, Sinister Ride, Stretching From Karachi To Kashmir To Afghanistan, In The Spinner S Tale

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