His Dad Dies Under Police Arrest After A Pub Brawl, Cory Goes To Live With His Cousin, Sean By Their Late Teens The Cousins, Though Close, Have Chosen Different Paths Sean Is Trying To Improve His Life Through Education, Whereas Cory Has Already Become Involved In Petty Crime Burglary And Dealing E However, Everything Changes When Cory Stabs A Man Called Roger After A Rave, Putting Him In Hospital This Has Grave Repercussions For Cory Roger Was Supposed ☆ The Scholar: A West-side Story ↠´ Download by Ñ Courttia Newland To Be Taking Part In An Armed Robbery With Levi, A Notorious Crack Dealer Levi Now Expects Cory To Take His Place But Cory Breaks His Leg During A Football Match And Sean, Unable To Find A Replacement For His Cousin, And Desperate To Help Him, Agrees To Join In On The Robbery Himself However, Having Entered A World Of Apparently Easy Money And Hard Drugs, Sean Finds It Increasingly Hard To Return To His Previous Life As The Scholar

Ö The Scholar: A West-side Story Ö I could relate to this book because of the similarities with my generation I found the language authentic and the themes relevant to the majority of youths both from past generations and current Definitely a read to go back to I am eager to reads the second installment of the tales of the Greenside estate.

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