Was Just An Ordinary Garbage Dump On Peaceful Cape Cod No One Ever Imagined That Conditions Were Perfect For Multiple Breeding, That It Was A Warm Womb, Fetid, Moist And With Food So Plentiful That Everything Crawling, Creeping And Slithering Could Gorge To Satiation Then The Change In Poison Control Was Made And The Huge Mutants Began To Leave Their Nest In Search Of Human Download Epub Format ✓ The Nest PDF by À Gregory A.
Douglas Flesh Gorgeous prose and exceptionally creepy descriptions make this book one of my favorite surprise discoveries The writing quality of this author clearly displays a well educated man, and without question, a very talented storyteller His vision and vocabulary is crisp and clean, submerging the reader deep into his very dark territory This book contains some brutal, unrelenting violence against characters you come to care for, and the author dispatches them in graphic detail without an ounce of remorse This is definitely something I don t see every day with your standard horror book especially mainstream authors on the bestseller list Perhaps this is the tradeoff Write predictable and comfortable stories and sell lots of books, or be original and sell fewer The atmosphere is very rich and you feel as if you are stranded on the island alon A rollicking entry into the Paperbacks From Hell re print series If your favorite part of creature creepers is watching people get eaten alive, this will satisfy your desires unlike any other Nearly every chapter includes a graphically described swarm of mutant cockroaches devouring human flesh A few innocent animals too, for good measure.
True to the bizarre trends of 80s horror, additional moments will leave you scratching your head in the most amazing way Those familiar know I m talking about the iconic masturbation scene It s so insane, so inexplicable, so preposterous, you have to wonder how Douglas could even think of it In any case, just be glad he did These immortal pages contain one of the most memorable moments of horror fiction that I can recall.
Overall, The Nest is better than it should be thoug

5 5 stars One of my favorite sub genres of horror is the creature feature, and boy does this one deliver On a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, something is happening in the middle of the island s dump There s hissing and movements, then someone s dog dies and so begins The Nest I m not going to make like this book is some kind of literary achievement, because it s not Does anyone really pick up a giant cockroach book and think it s literary I guess it s possible, but it s not the case here What this book IS is.
just plain romping and chomping F U N Set on an island in my home state the isolation makes for a cockroach feast And that s basically what we get cockroaches feeding on this one and on that one, in increasingly inventive and gross ways See my previous statement F U N Being that this was originally written back in 1980 we also On a 2 mile long, 1 mile wide island near Cape Cod, the small community there is unaware that the cockroaches infesting the nearby dump are undergoing a strange and frightening mutation No, this isn t a giant bug novel, though these cockroaches are slightly larger than normal These roaches have rapidly evolved to form a hive mind intelligence, as well as much stronger mandibles There are hundreds of thousands of them And they re hungry.
This was an above average creature feature, definitely a step above the typical nasties of the 70s and 80s whose authors hoped to cash in on the success of James Herbert s Rats trilogy Still, 448 pages is a bit much for a killer bug story, though the writing was grade A pulpy goodness, with vivid, disgusting descriptions of gruesome roach on human violence Here s a typical example The boy dropped his own body over his sister s, trying to s

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