Pretty average arc Felt a bit like filler, especially since the next is Gillens last They ve also changed the artist from Larroca to someone with near enough the same trace style as Larroca I don t want to seem like I m never happy when it comes to the art in the main Star Wars book, but This series is improving, I think I liked volumes 9 and 10 waythan Volume 8 The art style I ve disliked is still there and I found it pretty distracting when a memorable film scene s imagery was used exactly It just takes me out of the story Sana Starros is back with our main crew And there might be a certain stormtrooper team from this ongoing series, too Luke, Han, and Leia are on the search for Chewie and the Falcon while being pursued There s a lotpersonal stories between the main three in this issue and I really liked seeing that It foreshadows the dynamic the three have in The Empire Strike Back Especially Leia and Han.
Luke gets a romantic interest in the volume and it feels forced, boring, and cliche But the character herself is pretty cool I hope we seeof Clan Markona in the future And the ship they fly off in looks pretty similar I give this volume a 4 5 3.
5 it just felt like a filler storyline Didnt really continue any major story arcs I still enjoyed it.
I sure hope someone is keeping careful track of timelines, because there isn t that much space between movies to keep cramming in slow developing stories that evolve over a month or two, unless continuity is a thing of the past.
After the high octane fighting and fleeing of the last two volumes, Star Wars slows down majorly as Luke, Leia, Han, Threepio, and Artoo find themselves trapped on an isolationist planet with nothing to do but sit and wait.
What follows are four issues of introspection, one issue of fighting the Scar Squadron, and one issue of tying up loose ends While it s nice to try and dig into the minds of Luke, Leia, and Han, this story runs afoul of the same problem that all Star Wars books set in this era have the characters are never going to progress in any meaningful way, because they re confined by the approach of Empire Strikes Back Character studies are fine, but the conclusions are forgone before you even start, here.
The artwork s pretty solid though Andrea Broccardo and Angel Unzueta are far less photo trace heavy compared Volume 10 is one reasonably good arc There are a few cool characters introduced, and some of theinteresting ones that originate from this run show up again.
The gang finds themselves stranded in an isolationist planet and what follows next is sort of like a slice of life sketch for a few issues Gillen s writing was engaging enough for me to enjoy the book without big dust ups, explosions, and fire fights This was light on the action but this left so much room to get down with the characters I m not really feeling the art Larroca s style was much tighter, and looked super refined in comparison Broccardo goes for the same style, but seems to fall short Regardless it gets the job done.
I m feeling refreshed and am ready to see what s next in volume 11 Rebels Are Reeling And On The Run Scattered Scared Hope Is Dead Darth Vader Tightens His Grip, Mercilessly Hunting The Scattered Band Down With His Most Dangerous Servants They Will Not Escape Him This Time But For Luke, Leia, Han And The Rest Of The Alliance, The Fight Against The Evil Galactic Empire Continues The Heroes Will Need To Turn To Allies Both Old And New If They Hope To Ever Turn The Tide And Save The Rebellion In Its Darkest Hour COLLECTING STAR é read Ì Star Wars, Vol.
10 by Kieron Gillen ✓ WARS ☆ Star Wars, Vol.
↠´ I hate rating a book this low but I was just pushing through to finish this one It didn t really go anywhere exciting or develop anything of merit You would think they would want the flagship comic of the franchise to have some weight to it but this series has been so inconsistent and felt insignificantoften than not That said, I m still hopeful for the future 2 out of 5.
This did a good job of establishing the values of the Rebellion I really like Scar Squadron Unique storm troopers are something special.
Oof, The Escape is just about the clearest example of wheel spinning I ve seen in a long running series Han, Luke, and Leia are en route to the rendezvous with the remaining Rebel forces when an unexpected Star Destroyer sends them to hide out on an uncharted moon Well, uncharted except for the handful of ex mercenaries who are eking out an oddly luxurious existence there Our star trio wander around the moon, interacting with characters, questioning their loyalty, basically doing nothing of import until the final issue, when they escape the moon and return to the Rebellion s fold.
It s like, why not just cut right to the meet up with the Rebellion Sure, we meet some mildly interesting new characters, but it doesn t seem like any of these low key adventures are going to ha

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