This is a very easy read and provides a good simple approach for exploring ideas and problems through thinking from different perspectives in a structured manner There are six hats, each of which have different characteristics White Hat facts, figures, information Red Hat emotions and feelings, hunch and intuition Black Hat devil s advocate, negative judgement Yellow Hat optimism, positivity Green Hat creativity Blue Hat controlling of the hats and thinking, orchestration The idea of the hat is that a person will put on or be asked to put on a hat and to express a view from that perspective This gets people thinking in different ways and since it is play acting people arewilling to express views from under the security of the hat that otherwise may be left unsaid.
Nueva Biblioteca Edward De Bono Recoge Los T Tulos Del Prestigioso Psic Logo Que Ediciones Paid S Viene Publicando Desde La D Cada De Los A OsCon Nuevos Dise Os Actualizados Y Ediciones Cuidadas, La Nueva Biblioteca Edward De Bono Incorpora Los Best Sellers Y Las Novedades Editoriales La Nueva Biblioteca Edward De Bono Se Inici Con La Publicaci N De CreatividadEjercicios Para Desarrollar La Mente, Novedad Editorial, Y La Recuperaci N De Seis Sombreros Para Pensar Seis Sombreros Para Pensar Es Una Gu A Para Pensar [Edward de Bono] á Six Thinking Hats [plays PDF] read Online î Mejor Utilizada Por Millones De Personas En Todo El Mundo Un M Todo Que Potencia Al M Ximo La Inteligencia, La Experiencia Y La Informaci N El M Todo Se Basa En La Interpretaci N De Los Cambios Que Experimentan Los Elementos Qu Micos Del Cerebro Seg N El Modo De Pensar Este M Todo, Dota Al Pensamiento Occidental, Por Primera Vez, De Un Lenguaje Constructivo En Lugar De Argumentos Enfrentados Su Atractivo Radica En Su Sencillez Y Su Utilidad Los Seis Sombreros Representan Seis Maneras Distintas De Enfocar Un Problema Cuando Nos Ponemos Un Sombrero, Hay Que Centrarse Nica Y Exclusivamente En Abordar El Problema Desde Esa Concreta Perspectiva Esta Manera Tan Sectorizada De Pensar Ayudar A Que Podamos Obtener Lo M Ximo De Cada Uno De Los Estilos De Pensamiento Y As Eliminar Las Posibles Interferencias Que Habr An Si Hici Ramos Todo Aleatoriamente El M Todo Presentado Por El Doctor De Bono En Seis Sombreros Para Pensar Dota Al Pensamiento Occidental, Por Primera Vez, De Un Lenguaje Constructivo En Lugar De Argumentos Enfrentados Su Atractivo Radica En Su Sencillez Y Su Utilidad MindsetsThis is a strange book to review and the reason I say that is because, in theory, it sounds like a great process and methodology, but in reality, it is difficult to manage and can be a disaster The core reason to employ the Six Thinking Hats is to comprehensively explore a problem or develop a solution by considering six defined perspectives and giving each appropriate and focused attention to generating decisions actions outputs The theory and application are such that we put on different coloured hats where each colour relates to a specific characteristic of thinking This will enable us to approach any problem comprehensively from multiple perspectives The Six Thinking Hats are White Hat Neutral and Objective facts and figuresRed Hat Emotional, often angerBlack Hat S ✓ Six Thinking Hats ☆ 6 .
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Review soon.

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Starting off wearing my white hat, this book has only 173 pages and did not take me long to read at all Switching to the red hat, I can t say I m very excited about the collaborative thinking methodology described.
If I were forced into a yellow hat, I d say there may be some opportunity to use the hats as symbols in regular communication to indicate a certain thinking style is desired.
However, my black hat thinking immediately suggests that mentioning any colour hat to the uninitiated will only lead to endless discussions about the book and the method, and not aid the conversation in any way, thereby voiding any reasons to use the hat in the first place.
Donning my green hat, perhaps this method would beuseful if taught in a workshop setting together with peers, so that the ideas can immediately be applied to real challenges.
Hats po cheese some people will love this book, other

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