Pontius Pilate S Wife Is Beautiful, Brilliant, And Weary Of A Life Spent In Her Boudoir And The Roman Court When One Of Her Lovers Sends Her Disguised As A Servant To A Seer, She Feels Suddenly Alive, Experiencing Sudden Pre Visions Of Inner Splendor The Seer, Mnevis, Arouses The Artist, The Dreamer In Her, Eventually Telling Her Of A Jew, A Love God, Who Believes Women Have An Important Place In The Spiritual Hierarchy What Follows Is A Chain Of Events In Which [ read Online Pilate's Wife à love-inspired PDF ] by H.
↠´ Veronica Commits The One Genuine Act Of Her Life, Offering Jesus A Way Out Before His CrucifixionThis Revision Of Biblical History In The Tradition Of D H Lawrence S The Man Who Died And Kazantzakis S The Last Temptation Of Christ Is Not Just A Novel But Part Of The Ongoing Dialogue About The Feminine And Divine Pilate S Wife Was Written By HD In , Revised In , And Is Now Finally Published By New Directions, Edited With An Introduction By HD Scholar Joan Burke It Is A Testament To Alicia Ostriker S Claim That, Among The Women Poets And Novelists Of This Century, HD Is The Most Profoundly Religious, The Most Seriously Engaged In Spiritual Quest Religion and agency often aren t the best of friends Rules and texts, liturgy and ritual tell us what to do and when to do it They tell us to lead life a certain way or else Pilate s Wife, by the mysterious and fascinating writer H.
, explores how we relate to faith and social expectations and how we can find power through our own interpretations of those supposedly rigid rules and rituals In reality, they refluid than we think By editing the New Testament story of Jesus s crucifixion, H.
D chronicles her own journey toward independence.
Veronica, the rich wife of Pontius Pilate of Biblical fame, is lost, physically satiated but spiritually adrift She flits from lover to lover, from one new cult to another, from the stoic gods of her Etruscan upbringing to the resurgent and resplendent cult of Isis, while remaining aloof and unsatisfied She is looking for h

Oh, where to even start with this oneThe story is told from the perspective of Pilate s wife, Claudia Procula, though H.
D wanted to use Veronica as the wife instead Having visited a seer, Mnevis, Veronica turns her life around and attempts to convince her husband to release Jesus Pilate, of course, ignores her words and her warnings.
As H.
D admits openly in the first page or so, this is not a new story that she tells Her point was to take a woman from the Bible that is mentioned almost in passing and give her a place in the story It s happenedandrecently The Red Tent, The Penolopiad, etc , but for being written in the twenties it was not as common to tell a primarily man s tale through the eyes of a woman As a feminist text H.
D s story can rock it a bit , though it has littlegoing for it than that.
D had difficulties ¹ Pilate's Wife · I thought it was a realistic view of life during this period.

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