Heralded By The Los Angeles Times As One Of The Freshest And Most original Memoirs Of Our Day, Marjane Satrapi Dazzled Us With Her Heartrending Memoir In Comic Strips About Growing Up In Iran During The Islamic Revolution Here Is The Continuation Of Her Fascinating Story In , Marjane Flees Fundamentalism And The War With Iraq To Begin A New Life In Vienna Once There, She Faces The Trials Of Adolescence Far From Her Friends And Family, Ú Persepolis 2 ¹ Download by ↠´ Marjane Satrapi And While She Soon Carves Out A Place For Herself Among A Group Of Fellow Outsiders, She Continues To Struggle For A Sense Of BelongingFinding That She Misses Her Home Than She Can Stand, Marjane Returns To Iran After Graduation Her Difficult Homecoming Forces Her To Confront The Changes Both She And Her Country Have Undergone In Her Absence And Her Shame At What She Perceives As Her Failure In Austria Marjane Allows Her Past To Weigh Heavily On Her Until She Finds Some Like Minded Friends, Falls In Love, And Begins Studying Art At A University However, The Repression And State Sanctioned Chauvinism Eventually Lead Her To Question Whether She Can Have A Future In IranAs Funny And Poignant As Its Predecessor, Persepolis Is Another Clear Eyed And Searing Condemnation Of The Human Cost Of Fundamentalism In Its Depiction Of The Struggles Of Growing Up Here Compounded By Marjane S Status As An Outsider Both Abroad And At Home It Is Raw, Honest, And Incredibly Illuminating I wasn t too impressed with the first Persepolis book and, sorry to say, but I am impressed with The Story of a Return even less.
Unlike many readers, I like the cartoon like art of Satrapi s books I also enjoy her anecdotes The writer is at her best when she infuses humor in her otherwise dark life story What I thoroughly dislike is the author herself It is very rarely that I find no compassion for book characters I mean, I can find love for all kinds of vile people, but no luck here I don t know if Satrapi realizes it, but she portrays herself in a very unflattering light as a self centered, self important and self righteous person Satrapi is judgmental and hypocritical she likes to criticize people for the vices she indulges in herself I still remember her accusing her friend of being a shallow traitor for obsessing over a lipsti In 1984, Marjane flees fundamentalism and the war with Iraq to begin a new life in Vienna This review contains spoilers.
It s been so long since I ve had that feeling of wanting to read a story long into the night, but Persepolis brought it back.
I felt this indescribable pull from the very first page and I just knew that this book was going to hold a special place in my heart Persepolis feel so personally important to me that I m stunned they didn t appear into my life until these past few days.
Everything featured within leaving, moving, coming of age, family relationships, motherly love was just captured so personally well I really, really missed Marji s family especially her mother at the start of this volume I kept hoping for her to talk about or with her mother.
But the conversations she had with Julie were also pretty inter

This 2nd volume of Setrapi s autobiography is a bit personal It covers her failure to adjust to life in Austria and her return to Iran, her struggle to readjust, her short marriage and it finishes with her decision to return to Europe, this time to France where she will remain.
Persepolis is the Greek name for the ancient city of Parsa, located seventy miles northeast of Shiraz in present day Iran because I had been wondering about that.
Alright, the second half of this story 3 4 is less about the revolution, and about a young woman growing up, and discovering herself along the way Yes, it s a fish out water story, but most stories are when you re talking about that period of time between teenager and adult.
Satrapi has an extra layer of awkwardness, because she s alone in a foreign country during this time Plus, the upheaval that happened in her country during her childhood gave her a different outlook on things than most of the children teenagers in her boarding school Bottom line, though Everyone wants to fit in at that age.
So, she does what we all did during that time of our life.
She e

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