I loved this story from the beginning until the huge cliffhanger Hott Vampire who refused to take no for an answer The angry sex scene was outstanding This book had a great plot The writing was done very well I didn t think DD Prince s books got any better than The Dominator I m so glad I didn t pass this book up because all the non consent hotness going on in this read was engaging and delicious Heroine got a little annoying for a sec but nothing that would take away from the story I was glad I had book 2 sitting on my kindle or I would have been pissed with that cliffhanger.
It took me a while but I finally finished this sexy badass possessive vampire Love this author s style, loved how hero and heroine worked together and most importantlyI loved all that dark partsThis was one good read.
Spencer Refuses To Feel Feelings Are Messy They Re Painful They Hold You Back Due To A Painful Past And Secrets She Wants To Stay Buried She Keeps Everyone At Arm S Length But Then When She Is Abducted And Presented As A Gift To Tristan, A Bored Vampire Prince Who Is Destined To Become A King, She Has To Face A Few Facts Beyond Facing That Vampires Are Real Kyla Has To Face Emotions That Tristan Won T Let Her Run From Tristan Is A Vampire Ä Nectar (Nectar #1) ½ Download by Ä D.
Prince With A Ravenous But Insatiable Appetite For Ten Years He Hasn T Once Had His Hunger Sated He Feeds Constantly, Looking For Satisfaction, And Because His Favourite Way To Feed Is To Feed During Sex He Goes Through A Lot Of Women But Then Kyla Is Brought To Him As A Gift To Celebrate A Promotion And From The Second Their Eyes Lock He Knows There S Something Different About Her After He Gets A Taste Of Kyla Neither Of Them Will Ever Be The Same Between The Taste Of You, The Taste Of Your Blood, And The Way You Look At Me, I Haven T Felt This Alive In Maybe Ever Cliffhangerbooks Avaiable Trigger Warnings Explicit Sex Scenes Copious Amounts Of Blood Some Dubious Consent, An Ending That Could Be Troubling To Those Who Are Squeamish About Blood If You Don T Love Vampire Alpha Males Who Are Also Sweet And Swoony Nymphomaniacs, Maybe You Should Give This One A Miss In a world where no means yesI was very excited about this book because I loved the Dominator by D.
D Prince But this book was so boring The sex got so repetative after a while and it was just full of view spoiler him practically raping her hide spoiler ☆ Nectar (Nectar #1) ☆ ARC received for honest review Holy bloodsucking shit I read this book in 3 hours I literally couldn t put it down From the first bite and f.
k until the last i was was sucked into this story of sex, kidnapping, hope, trust and yessex.
Tristan and Kyla are a match made in Everything.
Tristan Tristan Tristan MmmmmmI love that they only have each other to depend on and to fight for, and what a fight The journey both of them embark on is so hopeful and sweet but so dangerous Can you say CLIFFHANGER Although not usually my genre I freaking loved this book and I Seriously can t wait for the next instalment If you like vampires, hot men and a lot of sex in an superbly plotted book then Nectar is definitely for you This was really frustrating I barely even got through the end There was just something off about the writing that I ended up skipping some scenes The book was almost 300 pages long and I was practically bored throughout Sorry, Ms D.
D Prince but I m in the minority here I couldn t connect with any of the characters view spoiler During the first few chapters I wanted to dick slap Tristan a few times and there s nothing hot and erotic about him wanting to have sex with Kyla when she said no.
It didn t matter if she climaxed those times he was practically raping her I d still consider it as rape since she didn t consent to any of it And what the hell s with Kyla repeatedly thinking how Tristan smelled good and looked beautiful even after she was raped and given the what she called as punishment sex Seriously, what s wron DNF 55% TW RAPE I don t understand the positive reviews for this book because it s absolutely appalling The hero, Tristan, is downright abusing the heroine both emotionally and physically, has no regards for her feelings and raped her over and over again when she repeatedly said no It s not sexy and it s definitely not erotic at all I literally feel like throwing up.
01 19 17 Rereading this one 01 05 16 I started this one thinking I was going to DNF it, but it was late at night and I did not feel like searching for a new book to read on my Kindle so I continued and ended up liking it Very surprised by this First the food references went a little overboard and it took me a while to get used to it.
There are a few trigger warnings in this book Some things may be hard to swallow and otherswell I don t know how to explain them without giving it away.
The hero, Tristan, is a vampire He has his friends kidnap Kyla and bring her to him as a present A present to feed off of Kyla s parents died when she was 4 and she was sent to foster homes Kyla does not feel She has never loved When Kyla is brought to Tristan she

I tell ya, I have read a lot of nasty stuff in my reading adulthood and not to mention my early years but this actually comes pretty close to the top of the tops in fucked up twisted shit category and the book being a fantasy genre makes itjustified in being a messy pile of some looney certifiable shit and as shockingly as it sounds even to myself I liked it.
at one point I was thinking of doing thisBUT then I thought the fuck I am a grown up here, I can read this inspite the gross part and I ain t giving no spoilers herebut that one particular scene at the end was just worthy of these facial expressionsat firstthenand finallyI don t even wanna explainBUT being a curious weirdo masochist I have to see what happens next so after the first shock I am gonna see what the fuck will happenfordetailed version one should read the blurb very, very carefully.
3,75 STARS sex, blood, sex, blood, sex, blood, sex, blood, sex, blood, sex, blood, sex, bloodWhile reading this book, I had a feeling that I am stuck in the episode of True blood Because of Sookie s Kyla s tasteful blood, which made an addict of Bill Tristan Overall, It was good read.

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