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Some time ago this book was in my library I was very pleased to read it expecting him to be in the same lineage as the Tolstoys and other Dostoevsky However, I did not inquirethan that about its author Before embarking on hasty and risky comparisons, let s say a few words of history.
In a working class village in Russia in the early twentieth century, life is hard and regulated by the factory, itengulfed the day, the machines sucked into the muscles of men all the forces it needed The day was scratched with life without leaving a trace without noticing it, the man had gone a step further towards his grave but he could indulge in the enjoyment of repose, in the pleasures of sordid cabaret, and he was satisfiedIt is in this deleterious atmosphere that a group of young people will gradually be formed trying to spread the good socialist news to the factory, in the regi 25 000.
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Мать õ Maxim Gorky 1868 1946 was a Russian and Soviet writer and a political activist If magical realism is to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, socialist realism is to Maxim Gorky His surname means bitter because he grew up as an orphan and began writing the bitter truth about the Tsarist regime that he was displeased with At the time of this book s writing he was already highly associate with Lenin and Bogdanov s Bolshevik s wing of the party This book was first released in 1907 two weeks after the Revolution of 1905 that was called the Bloody Sunday That incident when several peasants and workers perished was one of the key events that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917 when that Tsar was fatally removed from his office.
Having stated this short summary from Wiki, Mother is like a propaganda material for the Marxists during that time However, this i Day The Factory Whistle Bellowed Forth Its Shrill, Roaring, Trembling Noises Into The Smoke Begrimed And Greasy Atmosphere Of The Workingmen S Suburb And Obedient To The Summons Of The Power Of Steam, People Poured Out Of Little Gray Houses Into The Street With Somber Faces They Hastened Forward Like Frightened Roaches, Their Muscles Stiff From Insufficient Sleep In The Chill Morning Twilight They Walked Through The Narrow, Unpaved Street To The î Мать ✓ Download by Ê Maxim Gorky Tall Stone Cage That Waited For Them With Cold Assurance, Illumining Their Muddy Road With Scores Of Greasy, Yellow, Square Eyes .
This book was forbid in Iran till 1976.
I and my cousin boy was named Ebrahim buy this book from somebady and read that speedly and passed book to our friend with fear.
All younger support revolutioner in 1960 age read this book and learn to join social revolution against unjustic

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