Very good librarian book Very good researcher s book It might be dated in a year or so, if it does not get updated But it will probably go into another edition before I finish this review And that will be good.
I enjoyed the first couple of chapters and then found it hard going The section about databases and how they are constructed was very interesting It made me question many of the resources I and my students use and whether or not they could be structured in a better way It seems that once again, cost determines usability.
Looking at other reviews, I question whether this type of resource should be printed Currency is so important in the tech library field.
Succeed As Searchers, All Librarians Require Both A Basic Idea Of How Databases Are Put Together, And A Repository Of Concepts And Techniques To Draw Upon With Such Essentials Well In Hand, The Searcher Can Plunge Into Almost Any Database That Comes Along And Master Its Intricacies And Idiosyncrasies In Relatively Short Order Bell S Conversational Style, Coupled With Her Searcher S Toolbox, Promises Increased Flexibility And Adaptability This Book Will Prove A Handy Guide For Librarians In Every Conceivable Information Environment And Across All Levels Download Epub Format å Librarian's Guide to Online Searching PDF by ê Suzanne S.
Bell Of Experience The other text for my Rutgers Principles of Searching course.
Great informational and tutorial text This provides examples which are current and also demonstrates proper software and digital follow through for online searches There are many exercises and questions for practice, covering all the libraries The updated screenshots help tremendously in understanding where to place information and how to find it as well.
This book gives really good descriptions of databases that users can follow along with However, if your library doesn t own that particular edition of the database then it can be confusing as to what the author is saying This was a textbook for one of my library science classes but the exercises in the book need to be updated or helped because some can be confusing or boring.
Ì Librarian's Guide to Online Searching ✓ Bell s writing style was such that her textbook was not dry I found the required chapters to be engaging and I feel that I learned from Bell s text than I did the other two required texts for the same course.
Thoroughly explains the different types of databases and provides practical advise for using them and helping patrons with reference questions Enjoyed her style of writing Easy to read and understand.

If Ihadto read an entire book on subscription library databases, well then I m glad this one was it It could have been much worse.
For a textbook about online searching, it was much readable than I thought it would be.

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