Let me first start off by saying that Dean Koontz is someone I turn to whenever I m looking for a light yet frightening read I don t expect his books to be amazingly good literary works with deep characters, lots of development, intricate plot twists, and so on I expect his books to be scary, page turning, and enjoyable to read But unfortunately, that said This book was quite a disappointment to me It started off as most of Koontz books do characters with predictable names are introduced, as is the supernatural phenomenon that s going to be prevalent in the book, and off we go And the book does start off well, with an interesting protagonist Jim Ironheart who can sense it when something terrible is about to happen and is then drawn to it in order to prevent it Almost a forced hero, really He meets our female love interest quite soon a journalist interested Here is another to join the shelf entitled new authors I have encountered through Goodreads friends In a line from left to right where extreme left is absolutely brilliant and extreme right is oh in the Name of all that s holy what the hell was that supposed to be Mr Koontz sits fairly squarely in the middle I am pleased to have read one of his enormous worksover 500 pages.
but as always with these multi tomed writers, having seen so many on the bookshop shelves I was always hoping I would enjoy him and thus open out a huge future of treating myself to one of his stories once a year or so As it is, having read this one, I am not sure if I will indulge again and so he joins Alexander McCall Smith and Patrick O Brian on my Oh Voor Hem Onverklaarbare Impulsen Wordt Jim Ironheart Gedreven Om Reddingsacties Te Ondernemen Wanneer Mensen In Levensgevaar Verkeren De Journaliste Holly Thorne Komt Op Het Spoor Van Jims Bijzondere Kwaliteiten En Zij Zal Niet Rusten Voordat Ze Zijn Geheim Heeft õ Cold Fire ä Download by ☆ Dean Koontz Ontraadseld Cold Fire is a book that seems to get a little overlooked by Koontz fans these days It is certainly a distinctive entry in the Koontz bibliography it s the windmill one but I don t often see it in top ten lists Why, I don t know Written in the middle of what many consider this author s golden age, Cold Fire is a quick moving, white hot thriller one I wholly enjoyed, despite a few flaws.
This book grabbed me even quicker than most other Koontz novels, which is saying something he is known for gripping his readers straight away Jim Ironheart is a man with a strange ability he knows when certain people are doomed to die, and he is compelled to save them at any cost Why Well, the unraveling of Jim, what drives him, and what is hidden in his past is shocking and trippier than what Koontz usually goes for Kudos to him for twisting and exceeding my expectations, a HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME.
I have read a lot of Koontz And I mean a LOT He is my most read author I have now read than thirty of his novels, and I plan to read many.
This one was different It was like an acid trip I have never actually been on an acid trip, but I would imagine that being on one is somewhat like reading this novel Did I even read this novel Am I really J S Bailey Or am I really a forty five year old man named Biff tied up in a straight jacket staring out the window of my padded room looking at the sparrows perched on the edge of the courtyard birdbath Is it THAT obvious that I ve read a lot of Koontz Sorry Sometimes I get carried away Who are you again Anyway, Cold Fire did not turn out at all how I had expected Jim Ironheart is an awesome dude He risks his own life to rescue people he doesn t even know He seems to be an instrument of a higher Hrm Again, grown up books are tricky I ve really been trying to find some I can appreciate, but this one didn t measure up It was a suspense mystery pseudo sci fi thriller type And it was written by Dean Koontz who gets at least one whole shelf to himself at my tiny library This is the story of a man who somehow knows the future he doesn t control when he ll know or what he ll know but each time he follows the directions he saves someone s life Then he meets a reporter for a small time newspaper who likes his eyes yes, you read that right enough to follow up on him She discovers that he s been saving people around the country So she sets out to do some investigative reporting So farmostly normal And thenthe sci fi bizzarro par ↠´ Cold Fire å This was my first Koontz and I have always credited it with getting me hooked on the horror mystery genre The characters were realistic and likable The romance between them despite their frightening situation in the windmill was superb Never forgot it.
lako se ita ali lako ce se i zaboraviti Bez veze Dvojka zbog prve polovice knjige.

Ladies and gentlemen I ask forgiveness I ask forgiveness for taking so long to write a critique again It is that it is not so easy to write and read at the same time I have lot of overdue criticism, and I am very vague sentences wanted to write, but as I promised to write I ve decided to start with a critique that I liked Cold Fire That has taught me one thing, that a writer should never be underestimated Already not told me I know if my friend Krisi Keley, or Julie Davis command an affectionate hug to both, Mrs Julie a loving embrace of Texan bear they told me, Dean r Koontz became mystical, as Father Brown, winning when it gets mysticalhttps www.
com book show 5 fromsearch true So far I had liked Dean R Koontz A novel, even up to much, but I had not demonstr Koontzland Group read June 2019 My second read reminds me that Jim Ironheart this book s main character saves everyone s life a invulnerable unconquerable hero helping others.
Jim does not want Holly, the nosy reporter s attention, she sees him save people s lives from danger Jim s clairvoyance powers, e.
g When boarding a DC 10 to save 2, Holly follows him, Jim s initial goal was to save selected passengers in the front rows, she forces him to save the entire plane before the crash, one of the book s longest sections With psychic power, he turns on off, that can bring visions of danger death.
Holly determines leave reporting, to save others like Jim learn to feel rage against what people do to others, just like Jim does to help others.
Jim s the most wanted person, she has ever meet, Jim s loneliness will be fi

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