Eyrie Þ I have recently read Tim Winton s Eyrie , and I must admit that I was disappointed with this novel I have read almost all Tim Winton s books, and I have enjoyed all the previous novels very much These previous novels all dealt with the culture of the coast, and the ocean and the various types of characters who enjoy the unique experience of living along this beautiful and dramatic and sometimes dangerous region of Western Australia However I was disappointed with this novel It has been set in a seedy block of flats in a not so salubrious part of suburban Freemantle, and involves the relationship between a rather dull and poorly motivated public servant and a young single mother and her young son, who live in adjacent flats and are both mother and neighbour quite dysfunctional The child is unusual and has an uneasy friendship with the neighbour who becomes embroiled in an att Is Tim Winton S Heart Stopping Novel Written With Breath Taking Tenderness Funny, Confronting, Exhilarating And Haunting, It Asks How, In An Impossibly Compromised World, We Can Ever Hope To Do The Right Thing Tom Keely Has Lost His Bearings His Reputation In Ruins, He Finds Himself Holed Up In A Flat At The Top Of A Grim High Rise, Looking Down On The World He S Fallen Out Of Love With He Has Cut Himself Off, And Intends To Keep [Tim Winton] Ò Eyrie [reference PDF] read Online ¾ It That Way, Until One Day He Runs Into Some Neighbours A Woman From His Past And Her Introverted Young Boy The Encounter Shakes Him Up In A Way He Doesn T Understand And, Despite Himself, Keely Lets Them In But The Pair Come Trailing A Dangerous Past Of Their Own, And Keely Is Soon Immersed In A World That Threatens To Destroy Everything He Has Learnt To Love I m tempted to do here what Tim Winton has done to us, the readers of Eyrie write just half a review.
It s not clear whether Winton just got tired, was under pressure from his publisher to finish, or thinks it s okay to play with our minds,Or whether there is some other reason why he ended the story in mid stride, mid sentence, in fact, to leave us wondering how it was all resolved, this gruelling epic of bogan poverty in sun scorched Australia.
He s a brilliant writer, someone who uses original language to create word pictures that are vivid and disturbing.
Winton s description of the meth head dad as he came to the door of his hovel cum lab will never leave me, especially the image of a man huffling his nuts.
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In a good sense meaning the story reached its conclusion resolution The bad were punished, the good Well, went thru a lot The superman of this story Tom Keely is one of those solid honest Aussie characters fighting evil, providing solutions to impossible problems of those who can t stand for themselves and find themselves in real danger Another main character Gemma Buck, Tom s childhood acquaintance is not essentially evil as some reviewers perceive her She s just a sad tragic woman with a past well described by Tom s mother cunning Abused she learnt ways to cope with abuse either stand up for herself or Use reliable heroes to help her get out of life threatening situation Yes, she s messed up at one point of the plot desperate, ready to give away the best people who helped her most in her life, Tom his mother yet that s out of sheer de Tim Winton s output has been sparse over the last few years, so any new novel by him receives a lot of attention and I began reading Eyrie with high expectations From the ubiquitous publicity, I was familiar with the central idea well educated Tom Keely has fallen on hard times and has locked himself away in a Fremantle high rise He encounters a childhood friend, Gemma, who is in a similarly desperate situation, and who is caring for her six year old grandson Kai In helping to protect Kai from the evil swirling around his life, Tom somewhat predictably finds good in himself and apparently starts the process of self reconstruction I say apparently because the novel ends rather abruptly with very little in the way of resolution This was not a pleasant read we have many descriptions of the sordid like Tom is leading, and in fact apart from Kai who is written only sk

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