A fantasy, which is suitable for adults, YA, older children and if the three swearwords are left out even for younger children Calling someone the end of a knob twice and illegitimate are fairly easygoing, so nothing that will offend easily It has a subtle layer of wit sprinkled on top of the story, sort of like watching Shrek and picking up on innuendo What isn t to like about two kingdoms going into battle, one with a fierce dragon with a teenage attitude and the other with a camel, that s right a camel Because when you have so many fearless creatures to choose from the camel is the one that pops into your head first Both kingdoms have their warriors, who are hell bent on winning Unfortunately they include a half ogre,, who isn t the sharpest tool in the chest, It begins with a usually kindhearted half ogre in need of a job, and then the cast of comic characters expands to include rollerblading dwarves, an evil king and his eviler queen, a less than impressive magic user and his unreliable imp familiar, a host of crude and nasty goblins and dragons They have a dragon race.
The plot revolves around a conflict between two neighboring kingdoms, one ruled by an impressively oppressive king and queen, and the other by a short guy who likes games and seems, if not oblivious to the threat posed by his ambitious neighbors, at least not aware of how serious and imminent it is.
This book is a hoot It reminds me of Piers Anthony s Xanth books If you read comic fantasy, you This is a light and engaging fantasy novel, with fun characters, clever language and oh so many puns You ll laugh, you ll groan, but you probably won t cry It s not that kind of book There are dwarves, there are goblins, there are dragons, there s a half ogre scholar who can t read but speaks 16 languages and a benign king There s also a mad king and his terrifying wife The use of language is very clever even if there are too many puns, and the plot, whilst not entirely new, is fresh and fun Highly enjoyable.
This is the second book I have read by K.
D Berry and it was just as good this time around Both books take place in the same world but can be read as stand alones, but your going to end up wanting to read both of them anyway I would suggest to read this one before you picked up Growing Disenchantments just because some of the same characters show up in both books.
I really liked all the characters and felt like I got to know them really well and was rooting for the good guys and scowling at the bad ones I liked the added element of the dragon, you really don t find many books with dragons in them and I like reading about something that isn t seem very often Thinking about it there is pretty much a little bit of every classic fantasy species in here, and it all worked really well.
This book is defiantly a rib tickler So many crazy things happen that your pretty much reading with either a li Oh this was such a nice book I hate to see it end The characters are so well defined and witty, with such definite personalities, that they will be on my mind for a long while to come I loved the two dragons and how appropriate their names were for what they could do Each race also had their own idiosyncrasies and I was glad that the authors let you know how most of the characters ended up No doubt, Fiery Flyer and Phreesit are in for a nasty surprise in book two Poor Urkhart, he tried so hard so hard to fit in, in the beginning and I am glad that Drewdop took him under his wing ur hat at the end Can you imagine if he does actually master magic That would be so funny Well Drewdop would probably not think so There was a nice mix of good characters and bad characters, and I loved how over the top King Dav

Reviewed by Lee MurrayDragons Away Bluewood Publishing is the high fantasy debut of friends and former partners Kevin and Diane Berry, publishing under the pen name K.
D Berry Writing as a duet is a particularly difficult task, but it s easy to see why the pair was awarded the 2012 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best New Talent with this story that is as sumptuous as it is seamless It s the tale of Dewdrop, the Central Realm s hapless illusionist, and Urkhart, the half ogre newly arrived in town, who must brave the Southern Realms together in a quest to thwart a conspiracy by King Davkosh and his beautiful, yet despicably cruel queen, Gunora Swiftbooting their way from one realm to the next, the accidental heroes bumble through each new escapade encountering abusive goblins, highly strung dwarves, impetuous dragons, sinister roc eagles, nebulous swamp creatures, a mischievous imp, and one ra µ Dragons Away Á Urkhart, is half ogre half human that can speak sixteen languages, is tired of being mistreated and searching for new beginning Urkhart hopes to find employment in Reveefton Glotus is King Davkosh s underling and generally up to no good Retivor is king s messenger for King Davkosh of the Southern Realms bringing news of Fiery Flyer Drewdop is Royal Astrologer, Court Illusionist and advisor to King Credos of the Central Realms Drewdop s imp familiar Velasco which causes no end of trouble Central Realms is hosting Inter Realm Games which is big tourist draw Urkhart is asked to represent Romogria in the chariot race Urkhart is pleased to represent his home country in the games and King Murtha Velasco informs Drewdop that cheating has occurred during the games and King has accept Dragons Away is a story of a half ogre, an illusionist, monarchs, dragons, and many, many oppressed dwarves I got an ebook version free for a review, and it was a very hilarious read There is a lot of sarcasm and good natured humor throughout, so if you are someone who likes a laugh, or maybe even needs one, I would suggest this book.
The humor was something I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the plot in this story The politics between the two kingdoms are very interesting and realistic The characters are all unique, and I especially enjoyed the alternating focuses on certain characters The imagery in this book was extremely well done No, it was not good in a poetic way because it s not that kind of book, but I really felt like I could clearly see each scene As for things I didn t like so much, there weren t many to From Lilac Wolf and StuffLook at that cover Who can pass by such a magnificent looking dragon without being just a little curious I ve read some bad fantasy recently though so I was leery Boy was I surprised, this book is awesome Both the writing and the story progression are smooth The story is fairly fast paced I can t tell how many pages it isI haven t figured out how to do that on the Kindle yet It s not a short novel, but reads easily in a few days It is occasionally silly, and sometimes deadly serious.
I loved the name DrewdopI still call him Dew Drop in my head He s a magician, set up to look like a cliche wizard but the only magic he can do are illusions It comes in handy, but there arethan a few occasions where he is frustrated by Seemed Like Such A Good Idea At The Time A Wager With The Devious, Dangerous And Probably Quite Deranged King Davkosh Of The Southern RealmsHalf The Kingdom Staked In A Race Between Mystery ContendersTen Leagues, Point To Point As The Er Crow Flies Drewdop The Illusionist Is Quick To Point Out The Flaws In This Plan And Is Tasked With A Secret Spy Mission To Find Out Just What Kind Of Invincible Champion [K.
Berry] ↠´ Dragons Away [genderqueer PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Davkosh Has Training At Home Travelling In Magical Disguise Causes Unforeseen Complications For Drewdop, While His Half Ogre Bodyguard, In The Guise Of A Beautiful Woman, Certainly Turns A Few Heads But Drewdop Soon Discovers That The Great Race Is The Least Of Their WorriesDavkosh S Glamorous, Fiery And Ruthless Queen, Gunora, Is Massing An Army Ready For Attack Whatever The Outcome Meanwhile, Deep In The Dark Forest, One Of Davkosh S Elite Royal Messengers Is Facing His Ownperilous Destiny How To Become The World S First And Only Surviving Dragon Rider

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