Great Adventure Of Damien the Leper Began Quietly Over A Century Ago Since Then, His Remarkable Story Has Become Legend Throughout The World Joseph De Veuster Left His Secure Life In Belgium, Thrusting Aside All Thoughts Of Personal Danger And Spending The Rest Of His Days As Father Damien Comforting The Sick And The Dying Though Virtually Entombed Among The Living Dead Of A Leper Colony On The Island Of Molokai, Father Damien Managed To º Damien the Leper ☆ Download by ñ John Farrow Find Beauty And Enchantment In The Lush Surroundings His Extraordinary Journey Of The Spirit Comes To Life In John Farrow S Splendid Biography, Which Has Become A Classic Over The Years And Is Sure To Endure As Long As People Thrill To Deeds Of Valor And Pay Homage To The Great Spiritual Truths So Perfectly Reflected In This Unforgettable Story Of Courage, Sacrifice, And Devotion Incredible life of a man committed to his calling Appeared to be objective, helping us understand you don t have to be perfect to accomplish good work and impact people in a positive way Also a good commentary on the difference between government run charities and those run by religious or private organizations Highly recommend This 1954 paperback copy of the biography of Damien of Molokai is actually a reprint of the prior edition from 1937 published by Steel and Ward, Inc.
, in 1937 It is important to note that it is a biography and not a hagiography Nonetheless, in the interest of full disclosure, it should also be noted that at the time he wrote this book, John Farrow was a fairly recent convert to Catholicism, and received from Pope Pius XI, the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in 1937, for writing this book That said, it is still not written from a strictly Catholic perspective, and the foreword to this edition was written by Hugh Walpole, who was a popular novelist at the time, and the son of an Anglican clergyman.
Fr Dami

Terrific book First time I heard of it was when I was teaching 8th grade in Granite School District I read it and prepared to teach it Very powerful book A few years later, I traveledd to Hawaii and heard the account of this amazing priest from a local guide in the city where it all happened It is wel worth the time to read The world would be a much nicer place for all of us if we all were the kinds of Christians that Damien was.
Powerful witness of one man imitating Jesus Christ by committing and dying for the sick Here is a quote about the change and hope that Fr Damien brought to the people who had been living without hope for years Miseries were forgotten before the opiate of industry Men who had been content to await death in a pathetic squalor now gained an interest in life, and in the place where laughter had been forgotten and where each had been for himself community groups now vied with each other in cheerful competition as to who could erect a cottage in the quickest time Moral We all need to be given a reason to liveto live fully Will you or I be that person who gives a reason to live fully.

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