FUCKING MINDFUCK I became aware of two facts after reading this book Sometime people can be way over creative And sometime this over creativity can be real pain in the umm let s go with rear.
So, what is cosmicomics I may say it is comics of the universe it is book of twelve short stories, with setting in all across the universe and from time even before big bang to present day, and telling us the story of evolution of the universe.
But that is about something written on the pages of this book, but not what the book itself is This book is stupendous blast of creativity Well, creative is a word short of describing this book.
Where shall I begin Maybe with the fact that, this book cannot be tied down to a particular genre Nope I don t think such trivial things such as, genre existed for Calvino This book is everything ranging from magical realism, Twelve dazzling stories from Calvino, where his ambition here was to create a ludic fiction that could reflect complex advances in science without losing his playful nature and sense of magic and lightness The stories he wrote were direct attempts to assimilate new thinking in cosmology in recognisably human and comic dimensions.
Calvino prefaces his stories with a fact or hypothesis about the universe, then he moves on to get inside these vast abstractions, with his trademark qualities that give them a recognisable voice, which twists around the reader with a nimble and often humorous plot Through his frequent fumbling narrator the unpronounceable Qfwfq, Calvino makes the argument that there is no corner of the cosmos that cannot be enlightened by human imagination And as imaginative writers go, Calvino was up there with the besto Le cosmicomiche Cosmicomics, Italo CalvinoCosmicomics is a collection of twelve short stories by Italo Calvino first published in Italian in 1965 and in English in 1968 Each story takes a scientific fact though sometimes a falsehood by today s understanding , and builds an imaginative story around it The Distance of the Moon, the first and probably the best known story Calvino takes the fact that the Moon used to be much closer to the Earth, and builds a story about a love triangle among people who used to jump between the Earth and the Moon, in which lovers drift apart as the Moon recedes.
At Daybreak Life before matter condenses.
A Sign in Space The idea that the galaxy slowly revolves becomes a story about a being who is desperate to leave behind some unique sign of his existence This story also is a direct ill

Climb up on the Moon Of course we did All you had to do was row out to it in a boat and, when you were underneath, prop a ladder against her and scramble up This is what happens when you let a poet loose in a library full of science books he will turn everything on its head and take you sailing across the galactic plane watching suns coalesce from the primordial dust, he will hold a conversation across light years with neighboring galaxies, he will dance around a multicolored, sparkling crystal gardeen, play marbles with hydrogen atoms along the curvature of space and chase skirts down gravity wells, running on parallel lines that must somehow meet in the future of desireNow, you will ask me what in the world we went up on the Moon for I ll explain it to you We went to collect the milk, with a big spoon and a bucket Moon milk was very thick, like a kind of Qfwfq Been there, Seen that, done that.
Been where Where the distance of the moon from the ocean was just a ladder away Seen what The formation of galaxies, A colorless world, A time when there was no concept of time.
Done what Lived on the nebulae, Lived as a dinosaur, fallen in love with a tadpole.
A literary cosmos made up of staggering imagination, Calvino s Cosmicomics exceeded the expectations I always have before reading any of his books and it makes me evenproud of declaring him as my favorite writer A collection of 12 short stories, written by taking cue from random scientific facts theories and re telling of the fragmented tales about evolution of universe through the eyes of our narrator, Qfwfq, who had been a ubiquitous witness as well as part of everything since the universe was created Sounds quite ambitious, especially takin This one pretty much floored me The scope and the way this was written kinda blew my mind.
What do I mean Well, it s one hell of an accomplished SF encompassing all time and space from a single viewpoint in what may as well be god but isn t It s a love story with a very complicated relationship of an alien with another alien, it s a love story with time, physics, genetics, and all sorts of real math I will admit that a very great deal of my enjoyment of this novel stems from the fact that I m conversant with real science in a big way and this book incorporates it all very heavily in the narrative.
The book is kinda like this think of five or six hella great popular science writers, turn them into short story writers, let it have the feel of Marvel or DC cosmic stage stories, and then have it feel right at home with N ✓ Le cosmicomiche ✓ This is a wonderful set of short stories which comes as no surprise from the Cuban born, Italian Italo Calvino I had previously read If on a Winter s Night A Traveler and Invisible Cities, both I highly recommend, and enjoyed both of them immensely I once heard about the vast differences between all of Calvino s novels that certainly seems true, each one of those books bare vague resemblances to one another the similarities residing in minor things like, short story format, magical realist elements and gorgeous prose Ultimately, Calvino is one of my favorite authors because he can take nearly any premise and breath wonderful imaginative life into them If nothing else, I come away with such vivid and delightful images Calvino S Extraordinary Imagination And Intelligence Combine Here In An Enchanting Series Of Stories About The Evolution Of The Universe He Makes His Characters Out Of Mathematical Formulae And Simple Cellular Structures They Disport Themselves Among Galaxies, Experience The Solidification Of Planets, Move From Aquatic To Terrestrial Existence, Play Games With Hydrogen Atoms, And Even Have A Love LifeDuring The Course Of These Stories Calvino Toys With Continuous Creation, The Transformation Of Matter, And The Expanding And Contracting Reaches Of Space And Time He Succeeds In Relating Complex [ read Online Le cosmicomiche ☆ international PDF ] by Italo Calvino ☆ Scientific Concepts To The Ordinary Reactions Of Common HumanityWilliam Weaver S Excellent Translation Won A National Book Award InNaturally, We Were All There, Old Qfwfq Said, Where Else Could We Have Been Nobody Knew Then That There Could Be Space Or Time Either What Use Did We Have For Time, Packed In There Like Sardines I m trying to find just the right word to describe these stories Science fables isn t quite right there isn t a moral at the end of each one I m torn between science myths and science legends I think I m leaning towards myths, in the sense of stories that tell how something came to be Let s go with that.
Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.
In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook The Complete Cosmicomics Cosmic Tales of the Universe s Originsoriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureAlong with his brilliant Invisible Cities 1972 in Italian, 1974 in English , one of Italo Calvino s most enduring creations was his series of whimsical and erudite stories inspired by the origins of the universe and scientific principles, labeled Cosmicomics 1965 in Italian, 1968 in English They are narrated by a mysterious being called Qfwfq, who tells of the Big Bang and the time before that when the universe was a single point without space or dimensions Qfwfq has a refreshingly frank and humorous attitude towards such momentous moments as the birth of our universe, the origins of life, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the first animals to crawl onto land, the early days of the Moon, etc If you seek out these stories, you will find that the

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