Excellent This is one of the for Dummies, series and helps teach you how to play chess, how to improve your game or even, so it promises, to allow you to compete in a tournament I have always enjoyed chess and I was looking for a book to teach my daughter how to play having unfortunately lost the one I used to teach my son a few years back.
Part One of this book really looks at the basics what the pieces are, basic moves, what it means to checkmate andThe second part looks at tactics, combinations and patterns Part Three looks at the principles of play, selecting strategy and the opening, middle and ends of the game The fourth part covers playing in competitions and computer chess and then Part Five looks at the most famous chess games and players of all times.
This is a black and white book, rather than colour although the Excellent book thorough and entertaining.

Having played chess myself for almost 40 years, I was wanting a book to help teach my daughter in her early teens how to play chess something that she has previously shown an interest in, but never got round to doing.
The start of the book is good, laying out the basic concepts what each piece does, how it moves, what the aim of the game is , and progresses quickly to worked examples of eg pins and forks, with the help of clear diagrams Slightly harder concepts such as castling and then en passant are mentioned, and all in all it s a good guide for beginners.
If I have any criticism it s that this guide for beginners isn t perhaps as long as it might be Within thirty or so pages,advanced topics such as different types of defence are being discussed, which whilst good This Chess for Dummies has been an enjoyable read, as I found that this Dummies title gave the reader the ability to take their own pace and zero in on sections and themes of interest I already knew how to play the Chess However, attempting to use En passant from French in passing was a move I found problematic It is a special pawn capture, that can only occur immediately after a pawn moves two ranks forward from its starting position and an enemy pawn could have captured it had the pawn moved only one square forward the capturing pawn must be on its fifth rank prior to executing this manoeuvre This was a move that I was imprecise on and frequently executed incorrectly I found the explanations for this move were well explained well.
If improvement in your game is what you want or if you are still new to chess, I believe that the in ↠´ Chess For Dummies 4e ↠´ I learnt the basic chess moves at school but never really learned to play the game properly, it s something I always wanted to do and this book seems like a good place to start.
The book is split into 6 parts 1 Laying the Groundwork for Champion Chess Okay, I don t want to go that far , 2 Gaining Chess Know How, 3 Game Time Putting Your Chess Foot Forward, 4 Getting into Advanced Action, 5 The Part of Tens and 6 Appendixes A A Glossary of Chess useful if you want to look a term up quickly , B Chess Resources.
At just over 390 pages of content there is a lot of information here but James Eade has a conversational writing style that is easy to read and understand He also has a sense of humour that pops up occasionally The book goes from showing you how to lay out a board, and basic moves tocomplicated moves and strategies.
You definitely w Quick And Easy Guide To Chess Kings, Queens, Knights Does Chess Seem Like A Royal Pain To Grasp Taking The Intimidation Out Of This Age Old Pastime, Chess For Dummies, Th Edition Is Here To Help Beginners Wrap Their Minds Around The Rules Of The Game, Make Sense Of Those Puzzling Pieces, And Start Playing Chess Like A Champ From Using The Correct Chess Terminology To Engaging In The Art Ø Chess For Dummies 4e è Download by Ó James Eade Of The Attack, You Ll Get Easy To Follow, Step By Step Explanations That Demystify The Game And Give You An Extra Edge Chess Isn T A Game You Can Master It S An Activity That Requires Patience, Strategy, And Constant Learning But That S All Part Of The Fun And Challenge Whether You Re Playing Chess Online, In A Tournament, Or With A Family Member Or Friend, This Hands On Guide Gets You Familiar With The Game And Its Components, Giving You The Know How To Put The Principles Of Play Into Action From The Opening To The Endgame Grasp The Principles Of Play And The Nuances Of Each Phase Of The Game Familiarize Yourself With The Pieces And The Board Pick The Perfect Chess Board And Set Know Each Of The Pieces And Their Powers If You Find Yourself In A Stalemate Before You Even Begin A Game, This Friendly Book Helps You Put Your Chess Foot Forward

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