Boyz r Us ¿ 4 stars S A Long, Mad Ride From Summer Bay Chicks, Babes, Cars And Music Bored Kids And Shouting Mothers Fathers That Suck On A Bottle To Put Themselves To Sleep And TV Sets Blaring Mindlessly Race Tensions Are Hotting Up In Marrickville And The Media Want A Gang War So Badly That They Nearly Start One As Mitch Looks Back On His Time As Former Leader Of The Tunderjets, He Tells The Searing Story Of A Scene That In Some Ways, No Matter How Hard You [Scott Monk] ↠´ Boyz r Us [writing PDF] read Online ☆ Try, You Can Never Leave A good text for 15 17 year olds Easy read, engaging characters and relatable, especially for Sydney teens Teachings to my year 11 ESL class and they are really enjoying it.

Like my previous review, this was given to me at Grade 9 I m glad 2 years have passed since then.
Basically this book is about a teenage delinquent who all of a sudden changes and wants to leave that part of his life He then seems to somehow change his mind back and forth throughout the book as to whether he wants to be back in the gang or stay out of there.
The book never does give any insight into what changes Mitch s mind in the first place or what kind of person he was before then I wouldn t mind seeing a few chapters or so of showing what kind of person he was, then having an epiphany about the whole thing That would have made a good book.
This book is not really that entertaining or worthwhile to read, at least for me anyway But it wasn t awful.
Another great Scott Monk story, about the tensions within gang life I found it very interesting as it shows another book on bad boys but also how they want to stop playing that role Mitch is a loveable character and I find myself feeling sorry for him in many parts of the book as he s tied between sticking with his friends or doing what he really wants It s a great story about growing up and being who you truly want to be

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